room shoes and organic cotton

There were two exciting packages waiting for me at my studio door this morning. These room shoes from elephant and chickpea of Vancouver are so sweet and perfect to wear around the studio. I love the inside label and the patches on the soles. Lovely.

The other package was the new organic cotton I will be using for my fall/winter 09 collection. It's just as soft and lovely as the organic cotton herringbone I am currently using for my blankets, only it's a heavier weight for winter. I will be making blankets and pillows with this super soft cotton, as well as lining my wool hats with it.


Anonymous said...

i was just looking at those room shoes from elephant and chickpea! so nice.....

Stephanie Kim said...

the details put into that shoe is incredible! i love it! cute cute blog!

Anonymous said...

What adorable shoes - are they for inside use - they look it - like a slipper?

Love the blog Jenna!
Ă…lways checking it while at work!
see you soooo soon!

jenna rose said...

They are for indoor use- they're like slippers, but they are perfect for summer because they aren't warm.