wood veneer postcards

I made these postcards last weekend for my wedding save-the-dates. I got a wooden post card from Night Owl Press a couple years ago and really loved it. When we decided to get married in a forest I knew I wanted to use wood veneer for part of the stationary- the exact wedding location is actually called Maplewood, so of course I used maple wood veneer. This was my first time screen printing on wood and I quite like the finished look.
I used one layer of paper-backed veneer for the front and attached the cardstock to the back with glue and a brayer. I trimmed them down with a rotary cutter and rounded the corners. I am going to keep experimenting with wood- the next ones I make will be 2-ply veneer. I will screen print the text side on wood as well and glue the two printed veneer sheets together.


Tanis said...

So cute! I can't wait to see one in person!

jenna rose said...

sorry for ruining the surprise Tanis!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really inspiring. I like the pictures and the projects a lot. You make nice things.

Anonymous said...

J -
Didn't think it would let me respond but for some reason tonight it is letting me.
Wow! Jenna, this is incredible! I just love it!
What type of glue did you use and were you nervous about it bubbling etc? Did you experiment first?
Well Done.

jenna rose said...

I did experiment first. I had to make so many and I wanted to make sure they would work out as planned! I actually ended up using a carpenters glue. I am sure there would be a good glue used for book binding/making too. I brushed on the glue, then bonded the two layers. Then, I used the brayer (rolled it with a lot of pressure) to make sure they were well bonded and there weren't any bubbles. Glad you like it! and also glad that you can leave comments now!

OSr Group said...

All these cards are really looks too beautiful.

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