Hello, friends

I am sorry for my lack of posting lately, it's been busy around here! I also haven't had my camera around lately, so here are a few of my favorite shots taken with my phone.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me this holiday season. It's so nice to see so many people supporting Canadian and hand made. Thank you to everyone who shopped and stopped by my booth at the one of a kind show, and thank you to those who purchase from a far online too.

I write you this evening with some bitter sweet news to let you know that I will not be blogging here anymore, or at least not for now. I have decided to direct my energy and time elsewhere and hope to free up more creative and personal time.

I have really enjoyed documenting and sharing my process, inspiration, work, and life with you all for the past two or so years. It's been nice to have a place to do that and it's been a pleasure reading comments or talking in person about what may have inspired or interested you here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your feedback and support.

In the new year I hope to start a monthly newsletter, which will more or less be in place of this blog. I will share news, events, new products and my process and I hope you will sign up to receive it! Please just email me at contact@jennarose.ca with the subject line as 'please add to mailing list' and you will receive my updates. I promise, these won't take over your inbox! It might just be one a month or so. Plus, if I ever do start blogging again, you will be the first to know! I will also announce sales and shop updates, so if you are interested please just email me. Also, you can always find my work on my website and updates on my facebook page too.

Thanks again for visiting. It means a lot to me that you made me a part of your day.



One of Beau's favorite places to lay in the studio is right up against the print table. I don't even think much of it anymore and when I get to that spot on the table I just position my feet around him and keep printing. He often looks up for attention or rolls over on his back when he really wants it. He's a pretty great buddy to have around the studio everyday.

This morning my Dad (my booth building partner) and I are off to Toronto bright and early to set up for the One of a Kind Show. I am back and forth for the next two weeks so you probably won't hear much from me here. I will try to update on facebook and if you use twitter or instagram (which I am loving!) you can follow me there too. My twitter username is _Jenna_Rose and instagram is jenna_rose_ or you can stop by and say hi at booth E20.


I made some more of my organic cotton handkerchiefs this weekend. The gray one was dyed with logwood and queen anne's lace and is now available online. The others will be available at the show this week. I often have people buy them to use as pocket squares and I imagine these ones could be folded so the birdie head peeks out the top of the pocket.


A few photos from my week.

The japanese maple in our backyard is the perfect shade of red this time of year. I watched it all week all week long from my workroom window as it lost it's leaves, and now there's just a pile on the ground.

I finished a whole bunch of wholesale orders this week. Some new stores I am very excited about. My tea towels were shipped to Philadelphia, where Terrain, a nursery, cafe, and shop, and sister store of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, will be carrying my seasons sets exclusively (with the exception of my shop).

I designed and made these sweet matchbook style hang tags that I will be attaching to all of my natural dye items. When opened it becomes a little flip book for images I took while dyeing the material.


I selfishly want to keep one of these for myself so so badly, but I didn't make many, so I won't! These naturally dyed bags will be available next week at the one of a kind show. Each one of these really is one of a kind, too.


I try to create as little waste as possible around the studio. Any left over printed bits get made into buttons or pouches or swatches and I rarely throw any little bit of printed fabric out. There are however always thin strips of trimmings that I don't have much use for that do end up getting thrown away.

A few weeks ago I ordered this pattern off etsy for a crocheted rug that looks like a big doily. The title is Doilifus Maximus aka Doily Rug. Seriously. When I received the pattern download it called for Jersey yarn or t-shirt yarn, something I had never heard of. After not finding it in any local stores and realizing I should just make my own out of cut jersey strips, it hit me as I was trimming my jersey cowls that the trimmings might eventually equal the 2.5 kg I need to crochet the rug. I made a sample and I think it's going to work. I didn't really want a cream rug, so I will probably end up dying the strips first. I'm looking forward to some post show down time when I will have some time and energy to work on this.

While Kate was trimming down blankets the other day she thought the left over bits might look nice braided so she whipped up this sample. I think a braided rug might be up next.


This weekend we headed to Prince Edward County for a weekend away with our family, celebrating my brothers 30th birthday. The only photos I ended up taking were while taking a walk with my nephew as he played with the milk weed we found along the path, leaving a trail of seeds behind. A two year old playing with milk weed is pretty great to watch.