a gift for mom

Thank you to Home and Decor Magazine for including my storage bags in their Mother's day gift guide.Shown in this magazine stuffed with yarn and knitting needles, these bags are great for lots of other goodies too. I have a few at home which I use to store magazines by the couch and another for mail by the front door- I got this idea from a customer who once told me that she has two by her front door (his and hers) for the couples mail. It's fitting that these are included in a mother's day gift guide because in fact that's how they came about- a gift for my mother. When I was in school at NSCAD I designed and made this bag as a gift for my mom to store her knitting yarns. When I started jenna rose after graduating this was a definite must in my collection since they're so practical and versatile. Since coming up with this idea almost four years ago I have seen fabric buckets popping up all over the place as designers come up with their own versions. They're a nice soft alternative to a basket and -considering my mom still uses hers for yarn today- a great gift for mom too!

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...and your mom loves it still, too!