back from the one of a kind show

The One of a Kind Show ended yesterday. It was a really good show, thanks to all who came by my booth. I appreciate the positive response to this season's collection.
I purchase a new mug at every show I do for coffee and tea while I am there- this is also how I build my collection of hand made mugs. This show I got one from Stanley Lake Pottery of Quebec. I have liked these textural mugs for a while- the pattern is created by pressing lace into the clay.

I also got a couple other things this show- a lovely yellow leather wallet from Kairos of Vancouver. Hand made note pads from Stitched & Bound of Toronto- I always seem to be jotting down notes and these note pads are the perfect size and have lovely coloured paper covers. The pages of the pads are the left over cutouts from the photo albums Lisa makes.
When I left for the show last week I had put some Forsythia branches in a jar on the ledge of my studio window. The branches flowered while I was away and were nice to come back to when I returned to the studio this morning.

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Tanis said...

I love the bright yellow wallet, what a nice punch of colour to see when you take out your wallet to spend money on something boring, like toilet paper, it makes shopping for even the lamest things more fun!