d.i.y. birch log bookshelf

When I have a hard time finding something very specific that I have in my mind, I usually end up making it myself. In this case, I wanted a book shelf that was the same height as my window in the studio and couldn't find one low enough. This was last fall, when not only did I have a lot of scrap wood around the studio from building my print table, but also when a birch tree had just fallen at the cottage. Usually birch trees are half rotten when I find them fallen, so when this one was fresh I cut logs for a few different projects, including the book shelf, which I could cut to the perfect height.
Two planks of wood cut the same length were painted white. The bottom plank was nailed into the two bottom logs and the top plank was nailed into the top two logs. The top shelf and logs are simply sitting on the bottom ones. Little bits of wood were wedged under the logs that needed it for leveling and stability.


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Anonymous said...

that bookshelf is awesome! i want one...off to go search the streets of hamilton for fallen birch trees:)