I really enjoy making these pouches. Each one is different and I spend a lot of time deciding which fabrics will be pieced together. They are made with my remnants, which I have a lot of because I keep every bit of fabric. I make two sizes- a long rectangular shape that is great for pencils, and a square shape, which I use for travel size hand lotion and lip balm.
I am currently making some for the show, but if there's interest I may add some to the shop.

The spring collection was going to be available online at the end of March, but it has been pushed to the week of April 6th. Thank you for your patience!


Tanis said...

Love these pouches! Such a great use of remnants! ;)

Dee said...

The bike pouch is so sweet! I hope you sell them online because I live too far to go to this show.

Katie G said...


These little bags and everything in you blog are so great! I am living in Guelph let me know the next time you are here so we can grab a coffee. Hope all is well :)

Anonymous said...

I love these little pouches. I hope the one I like is still there when I get to the show!