D.I.Y. clipboard calendar

There's two things I like to have on the wall near my studio desk: a chalk board for quick notes and a calendar. This year I decided to make my own calendar using primarily reclaimed materials: a thrift store clipboard and used wrapping paper. It's fun and easy so I thought I would share it with you all. I bought a few clipboards a while back at a thrift store and liked the long shape of this one. The surface was a mess so I painted it my favorite shade of red- Para Paints' Rich Russet. Each month has a different paper background. The papers were discarded pattern print outs that my brother had taken from his work and used as wrapping paper this past Christmas. I saved them from the garbage once more and they were perfect for this project. I made the dates myself in Word, although there are pre-made ones available. I rounded the corners of both the dates and patterned papers, which mimics the rounded corners of the clipboard. Glue the two together and there you go! enjoy


Meghan said...

This is a great project Jenna. I am going to collect nice paper all year and make one for 2010.

Anonymous said...

I love the clip boards! I always did like that sort of things!

roisin said...

this is a great idea, it looks wonderful. and what a nice red, too!