in the studio: new button maker

I love receiving deliveries at the studio, especially when what is being delivered is something I have been waiting for to make a new product. Today I received my new button maker and I am very excited about the few I already made today.
The sew-on buttons I made in the fall were very well received, both on the hats and sold individually at the One of a Kind Show. Not everyone is keen on having to sew on a button though, so I will be making these pin-back buttons for the Spring One of Kind Show and may have some available online too. I will probably continue making the sew-on buttons as well. I think replacing boring buttons that come on clothing with handmade or vintage ones can look pretty great.

I am especially liking the simplicity of the blue and green buttons shown above. The leafy branches are sections from my spring 09 'forest' pattern.

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Christine said...

Dear Friend,
What a treat it will be to read of your new projects and discoveries.
Your photo of the feather is beautiful! Who knew nature could be so perfect in its design.