I'm starting to convert the backroom of our house into a work room. We had a couple chairs back there but never really used the room. It seemed silly that I would draw and work on the computer at our dining room table when we weren't fully using this space. I got a couple of these trestles and a table top from Ikea last week and am loving working in this bright little corner. Even when it's cloudy it still feels bright. I spent a fair bit of time there this past weekend working on a new print and updating my website with my new collection. I am waiting for a drafting table light to arrive that I ordered off etsy and am on a hunt for a stool too. These trestles can adjust in height and also turn the table into a drafting table, so I'm hoping to find a stool that adjusts in height as well. I have my eye on something like this one from crate and barrel or these vintage ones from etsy. I would prefer vintage, but shipping a stool from the US can be discouraging. The hunt continues! Although I just noticed the c&b ones just went on sale...

Oh, and I should mention that I will be hosting the occasional giveaway on my facebook page so if you follow me there you will get the updates about these. First one starts today! Thanks so much for your support.

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