The other day I did some printing on the hemp canvas that I naturally dyed this summer. I printed a light gray honeycomb pattern and was most happy with it on the muted purple pieces, which have subtle variations of purples, pinks, and grayed yellows. They were dyed in three different baths to get the changes in colour. They're subtle changes, that are hard to see in photographs. I hope to do some more samples in other prints and might make up a few little items out of these fabrics for online and the One of Kind Show next month.


Ann said...

I love the muted feel to these. they feel soft, worn in.. like you could find them in a box buried under a million other boxes. that can be so difficult to cultivate by hand. beautiful job!

jenna rose said...

Oh, I love that description. Thank you, Ann!

gypsie sister said...

As a textile graduate this makes me smile :)