Yesterday marked exactly one month until the One of a Kind Show opens. My days have been full preparing for it, printing table after table of yardage. When there are so many printed stacks of fabric all around the studio waiting to be cut, it's a nice reminder of just how much fabric these two hands can print on their own. On Friday I printed the rest of my naturally dyed canvas. It was a nice way to wrap up the busy week. The ships pattern made me smile every time I would lift up the screen. The motion in the variation of colour from the dyes combined with the movement of the waves was very exciting and really changes the pattern from how it appears when printed on a flat ground. The gray and purple ones look stormy and the pink and purple ones remind me of sunsets. For the first time in a long time I had a hard time cutting into these fabrics. But they are ready to be sewn into bags now and I will have a limited quantity of them available soon. Now, for another busy week of printing.

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