a bright week full of ideas and smiles

This week we walked home in snowfalls and cross-country skied at the base of the escarpment. I love when the white of the snow brightens everything. I am not tired of winter just yet and am loving everything about it. Beau started wearing boots this week to wear while walking to the studio. The salt hurts his feet. At first we felt funny about how much attention these little red boots were drawing towards us. I am pretty sure people thought he was wearing them to be cute. I don't dress up my dog. These have a purpose. Then this morning as we walked to work I realized that these boots were causing just about every person we passed to smile at us. There's something pretty awesome about starting your day with the folks of downtown hamilton throwing so many smiles your way. The highlight of my week was plunging myself into ideas that up until now have just been images in my mind. I did lots of reading and researching and sketching and sampling. Yesterday I picked up some leather lace samples and tested dark wood stains. I don't want to tell you what it is just yet. I'd like to reveal it complete. But I am quite excited about this project that I feel is quite different from my other work. I am so excited to see these ideas finally come to fruition and I think you will be too.

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