snowy trails and frozen waterfalls

Lately Beau and I have been going on really long walks. I mean a good few hours of walking until our toes are cold, our cheeks are red, and our legs are tired. We get lost in parks, trails, and daydreams. It's tiring and energizing at the same time. It's refreshing and we love it equally. Beau really is a true trail dog. He is his happiest and seems the most at peace in the forest and on the trails. I suppose we're a lot a like. And he's the best companion on the trail really. He doesn't mind that I stop often and take my time. I photograph trees, leaves, and icicles. I look around while he stops to smell tree trunks and roll in the snow. We discovered webster falls and spencer gorge for the first time this week. Why have I never been here before? Trails and trails, and trees and trees, and ice formations like I have never seen before. I really don't know what I expected to see at the base of the waterfall. Incredible. Big puffy icy cloud like formations, ten foot icicles, and a steaming shoot of water. A new favorite has been added to my list of local trails.
I hope that you all find time to be outside and appreciate the beauty of winter over the holidays. I hope that you are all able to spend time with friends and family too.
merry christmas & happy holidays!

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