print tables {old & new}

It's the time of year when summer show applications are due. One of them had me unsuccessfully looking for a picture of my outdoor booth display, which led me to come across a whole bunch of studio pictures on my computer that I had forgotten about- both of my old Guelph studio and of my current one. The first image is my old studio. Looking at it now I can't believe how small my print tables were- and how efficient I was on them!The second image is the printing side of my Hamilton studio. For both the old and new tables I used under carpet padding for the printing surface and it has worked great for me for years now. It is ridiculously less expensive than a felt print surface and just as effective. You can buy it locally and custom cut to size. Plus it's dense and can be pinned into. While I'm at it, another studio DIY tip- the wash out stall was made from a plastic shower stall, cut down, raised off the floor, and mounted into a frame. This photo was definitely taken when I first moved in- I can't believe how white the wash out stall walls are!


Carlie said...

i LOVE seeing inside studio spaces! Thanks for sharing! Both studios look GREAT!!!

roisin said...

I built my print table with your tip about the underpadding - it works fantastically - thanks again!