My parents are in the process of renovating a 19th century farm house. We visited this past weekend and I liked seeing the restoration at this point- half stripped down to the bare plaster walls with layers of wall paper from over the years partially removed. Decades of papers were exposed, including the 1920s art deco 'fan' paper seen in the left image below. The green wall exposed is the original paint colour from the first time the plaster was painted in the 1800s. The dining room was stripped right to the bare plaster, which I liked the look of.
While discussing wallpaper, my mom mentioned Trustworth- a company that reproduce beautiful wallpapers from the arts and crafts movement and the designs of CFA Voysey. Here are a few of my favorites. Their website has many more beautiful papers as well.


Lulu said...

beautiful! i love wallpaper and old houses =] i like the owl wallpaper a lot =]


Joanne said...

Nice pictures of the old farm reno.
What a lot of work to remove all those layers of wallpaper. Are those people crazy?!!

Meg said...

these would neat prints for your parents once their reno's are done! :) especially the pic of the stairs...gorgeous!