cabinets, hardware, & really good tea

Our painted cabinet doors were delivered this weekend and the hardware arrived last week. We used a local company to spray the doors. They were really fast and the doors covered really well. For the hardware, we ordered it from here on ebay. If you are thinking of replacing your own I would look online first. The total cost for the handles plus shipping was less than a third of buying them from home depot ($100 vs $350). We can't wait to get them all mounted, but have a whole bunch of painting to do ourselves first.

Stocked up on some tea from Tealish while in Toronto this weekend. Toasty Almond-the best dessert tea I have ever had. And it's pink, too.


Tanis said...

Ooh! It's looking so good Jenna! And so professional, I can't believe that you sent your cabinets out to be sprayed, that's so Sarah Richardson of you! Good work, I can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

jenna rose said...

That's so funny Tanis, I actually thought of her when we were trying to decide if we should send them out! how quickly and easily she changes a space without all the labour definitely sold me on not doing it ourselves!

Anonymous said...

I love Tealish!! My cupboard is filled with them. I agree that Toasted Almond is one of the best they have.


Anonymous said...

I'm drinking some Toasted Almond from Tealish right now!!