This stamp arrived in the mail the other day. I love getting deliveries like this! I had ordered these ones a while ago for my care/content labels. While ordering some new ones for this season I decided to add a return address version to the order. When it arrived I proceeded to stamp all of my envelopes and labels and was so happy to see that the circle fits perfectly inside the 1.5" round avery sticker labels I love so much. And I didn't even plan it.

Also, tomorrow is the one year anniversary for this journal. I just wanted to say thank you for visiting, reading, commenting, and continuing to give me a reason to photograph and document life and the little things I love in it.

hope you have a nice weekend.


Meghan said...

Well happy anniversary! Thank you Jenna Rose for all of your inspiring blog posts. They are always beautifully photographed and delightful to read.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - Happy Anniversary!
xxoo m