hello crate and barrel

We have been looking for a bed frame for a while and more recently keeping our eyes open for a new sofa as well. After a number of unsuccessful trips out to furniture stores I have found both a sofa and a bed that I love online. Both happen to be from Crate and Barrel.
The Azure sofa in the catalogue was upholstered in teal... the red is great too. My pillows would look right at home on this sofa.
The Tate bed. I love it. And so the Crate and Barrel fund begins.


Tanis said...

Love it. I feel like that sofa will really work in your house! What colour are you going to go for?

jenna rose said...

I think we would have to go to crate and barrel to look at the swatches in person before deciding, but I'm pretty sure you can pick from their whole range of colours!

Anonymous said...

i want everything at that store! matt and I were looking at stuff online too :) great choice!