creative work spaces

I have been thinking about my work space a lot lately. Partly because I stumbled across a site that features a whole bunch of artists' studios, but mostly because one of the things on my to-do list this year is to organize and arrange every single corner and cupboard in my studio as well as to make it a more personal, creative, and inspiring workspace. As a designer your surroundings and workspace can effect your creativity quite a bit, so I think this is an important thing to work on. It's naturally a great space to work in with it's high ceilings and large open concept, and I am so thankful for it everyday, however it's not quite personalized enough and I admit I could be a little more organized. I will be attempting to paint all the walls and the ceiling white. Only one wall is currently white. I painted it a year ago and it was such an undertaking at over 12 feet high (did you know I'm only 5 feet tall?) that the one wall was all I got done. The other walls and the ceiling are yellow- sometimes there are colours that just don't inspire you. But, first and foremost no matter how a space looks, it won't function to it's maximum potential if it's not organized effectively. Much like a kitchen, I have learned, where meals come together better and even taste better when made in a clean organized space. To me, all of the work spaces below seem to have a nice balance of being visually creative spaces, while quite organized as well. One studio space that I found a while back was that of Sharilyn at lovely design in Vancouver. Her colour sense is amazing and very much my taste, but on top of that there are so many drawers and cupboards and the entire space looks so organized and efficient. See more photos here. This space is that of Studio Olivine and Quince Flowers in Portland. I love the labeled tags and ribbon on the drawer knobs. Found via this website that photographs 'neat people and the spaces they grace'. The studio of Heather of Skinny Laminx in South Africa. See more photos here.
The studio of Naomi Reis in Brooklyn. I love that flat file. I have been hunting for an old one locally to store all my designs and drawings but have had no luck. I may end up settling for the alex drawer from ikea. More photos of her space here.
Lisa Cogdon's space in San Francisco. Hopefully my studio will also be painted white brick just like this someday soon... And lastly, the studio of Something's hiding in here. Perfect organization.


Anonymous said...

There's some great studios here! I wish I could work in studios like this. Great finds! I love them all.


Celia said...

how do some people keep their studio so clean?!! They even have their paints lined up in a rainbow!!!!!!

Sara Caracristi said...

looks like what I have been trying to do in my studio. I love a clean and Organized space!!!