feeling loved and being thankful

I have been away for the past week in Halifax. A couple months ago I received a plane ticket in the mail from my three friends (and bridesmaids) who all live on the east coast. They had planned a surprise pre-wedding week in Halifax for me and there were many more surprises when I got there, such as our other two girlfriends (one from Savannah and the other from Montreal) who also flew in for the week. It's been three years since the six of us, who all met at school in Halifax, have all been together and it was such a wonderful time. Before I left for the trip I made each of them embroidered linen handkerchiefs. These gifts don't even begin to show how appreciative and thankful I am for the care, effort, thought, and generosity that was put into this lovely week.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jenna - anything for the "it" girl. You are so worth it.
Great photos

Tanis said...

Best week ever! You deserve it! Great photo's of the handkerchiefs! They're stunning. Miss you already, it was odd having coffee without you this morning.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hankerchiefs. I really like the embroidered monograms and different details on each one.

Anonymous said...

Lovely embroidered handkercheifs, Jenna!