teleplone bench

Back in the fall when I read this post on Design Sponge about a great telephone table make over I was determined to find one to makeover myself. I searched all the thrift and antique shops in Hamilton and finally found one. It wasn't cheap but it's from the 70s and the wood is in perfect condition. Because of this, and the fact that the upholstery is a little more complex, that telephone bench is sitting in my front hall at home untouched. I can't seem to commit to a colour or a fabric. The weekend after I found that bench, I went to the Aberfoyle Flea market and found another bench for only $5. The wood was in horrible shape and it was upholstered in a dusty rose corduroy. I wish I had taken a before picture. I decided to put this bench at the studio and it has sat painted white but still not reupholstered for months. I finally got around to upholstering it in patchwork of my screen printed remnants.
I really like the pieced half square triangles and if I had the time I would love to make a quilt just like this.


Tanis said...

Oooh! So nice! I love the detail on the back of the chair. Definitely worth the splurge.

Christine said...

It looks lovely!
I am still on the hunt for one too.

Anonymous said...

This is great! The patchwork addition is really nice and I think it would make a wonderful quilt. Perhaps you can get someone to piece it for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenna, you have done it again!
Amazing!I love this!

I certainly am jealous of your find. xxoo

theroses said...

Since winning my beautiful cuckoo clock napkins, I visit your blog regularly and love your posts. I find funny similarities in our lives (other than our names)...I am a regular Aberfoyle junkie...in fact, have a planned trip tomorrow with my girlfriend! Great job on the telephone bench...love it. I just posted something to you by "snail mail" yesterday.
Jenny Rose

Tanya said...

Hi, I have just come across your work/blog and just wanted to say it's so inspirational and you are very talented! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.