some things i am excited about

bag prototype- I have been wearing my fall bag prototype around lately to give it a test run and I love it. It's the perfect size and has a heavy duty zipper, adjustable strap and three inner pockets. I think it's the best bag I have done yet.permapaque markers- I have a thing for markers. I love Prismacolor markers so much I even enjoy buying them. I spend a long time testing all the colours and choosing the palette I will buy. The new marker I am loving is called Permapaque- an opaque pigment marker. Usually the process of drawing an opaque image to expose on the screens takes hours and hours...until now. Also shown in the image is a sneak peak at a pencil pattern for fall.pretty selvedge- The organic linen I will be using for a few items in my fall collection arrived with a nice surprise- a lovely solid white selvedge. I like the idea of leaving it exposed on a finished product.stamp label- I have been working on an alternative for my care/content labels and have come up with a stamp design, similar to a seal. I have a stamp alphabet and I will use the S , M , and L in addition to the seal stamp to indicate the size.


Meghan said...

I really like the circle stamp and the new bag. Your photos are great, as usual.

Christine said...

I'm excited for you and your new ideas. Who knew markers could spark such creativity

The white selvedge on the linen is a very nice bonus to incoporate into your new designs.
Thanks for the sneak peek of the bag and pencil.
I like the organic feel of the new stamp too.

Anonymous said...

Jenna, love the stamps - I don't get the marker though - do you use it straight onto the screen? How does it save you time?
Love the pics


jenna rose said...

Monique- I use the marker on tracing paper, then expose that image on the screen. It saves time because one stroke of the marker is opaque on the tracing paper, whereas with most markers you have to go over the drawing many times to make it opaque. You need the drawing to be completely opaque so that light can't go through it while exposing.

Andrea Gray said...

I can't believe you are just finding out about that marker! Girl, we need to share notes more often! what was the brand name of the base you were telling me about? miss you!

jenna rose said...

I know, why didn't anyone tell me sooner!
The brand of base is called Permaset. The 'supercover white' is the white I mentioned to you.