chalkboard wall

When I moved into my studio last summer there were some things that needed to be built, including a dark room. The space is pretty much one big room so we had to build a little room inside it to use as a dark room to expose my screens. This room has also become a great storage space, but it's also looked like this strange white box in the corner. I had thought about wall papering it for a while, but then decided to paint the one front long wall with chalkboard paint. I finally got around to doing it last week and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
I have made a couple chalk boards using this paint (which I bought at Home Depot), a piece of wood and an old picture frame, but I love having the full wall to write on- so much space to write out random ideas and the week's schedule.


Anonymous said...

Plus is looks awesome!
Way to go Jenna!
Love it!

roisin said...

i love your chalkboard wall - such a great idea!