vintage find: table lamp

I have been on a hunt for a couch for the studio for a while now. I'm hoping to get something second hand since I know Beau (my dog) will claim it as his lounging spot while at work with me. The resourceful Hollie from White Elephant (who is just around the corner from my studio), gave me some tips on where to go for vintage furniture in the city and I now stop by these thrift shops weekly hoping to stumble upon a couch I like. Unfortunately, Beau is still sleeping on the floor at the studio... but I have picked up some other great pieces at these shops, including my most recent find- this vintage lamp.

After a good cleaning and a new shade this $5 find now lives on an end table in my living room. I love the colour of the base- you may have noticed that I have a thing for this shade of blue.

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dreamsandcraft said...

I'm very happy to visit your blog. I love all you can create.