We spent some time up at the cottage this past week. It was supposed to be an end of summer getaway but got delayed until now. It ended up being a lovely fall week and there's something nice about having to put on a fire in the morning.

There was lots of crocheting, reading, pickling, canoeing, fishing, and ukulele. I'm teaching myself to play, and have about 7 songs down right now thanks to youtube and this website.

I ended up getting a surprising amount of work done too. Things like drawing and working on my new logo. Things that take time and that I often don't make the time for while busy producing. I can't think of a place I would rather do this kind of work than in the sun on a quiet lake. These birds are a part of a new special project I am working on for the fall.

I had a different natural dye pot on each day and was sure to dye lots more madder yarn this time. I have been crocheting it into my blanket squares and I love this muted coral colour so much but didn't dye near enough last time.

My Aunt and Uncle have a cottage on the same lake. Jeff and I canoed over there because I had to take a look at the finished tree house addition that they were working on last time I was up there. It's no secret that I have a thing for tree houses as my tree house print has been a favorite for years, but really, I would love to have one just like this some day, amongst the trees with nothing but a drafting table and my art supplies inside.

The original tree house they build was the back section with the steps. They added the front section this summer so they that they could also use it as a sleeping cabin. The entire thing was built with reclaimed windows and the structure was designed around them. Supposedly my Uncle would stare at this for hours figuring how to build this addition around the trees with all the unique angles.

Complete with window boxes and a tiny clothes line this is hands down the best and cutest tree house I have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just love it!
I would love this too with my art supplies and such... Love the clothesline....everything about it!
Glad to see you had such a great time!
Thanks for sharing!

Julia said...

wow. this is so magical. i would love to have a little woodsy cabin to escape to and work on all these projects. and that treehouse is absolutely wonderful! will your aunt and uncle adopt me so i can stay there? :)

K. said...

The tree house is so cool! What a dream :)

Leila Lampe said...

What a fabulous house! Beautiful blog and work, very inspiring! congrats!