On our way home from the cottage we stopped in to visit with the Stinsons. Don is Jeff's Dad's cousin, but we call him our Uncle, which I guess makes his son Jesse our cousin. They are the father and son woodworking team behind Stinson Studios. I love visiting their studio because it's such a nice example of a country home with an outbuilding studio on the same property (inspiration for if we decide to leave the city one day). The day we visited they were having an open studio and for their guests they were making homemade apple cider.

Don pulled up with a crate of apples in the back of his truck and we stood in the back of it, throwing the apples into their home made chopper. Bits of apple flew everywhere, but mostly into a bucket. Beau was covered in it.

The chopped apples where then put into a cloth bag inside the home made press.

The apple cider would trickle off the wood into another strainer.

Within minutes we each had a glass of fresh apple cider and jug of it for the road.

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