home sweet home

One day of sunshine this weekend meant I could finally work on cleaning up our garden. The rainy Sunday was spent finishing up some half-finished projects, like framing and pillow making. Last month we purchased a new sofa and chaise lounge from Sears home. We searched and searched and in the end these styles and fabrics suited us best. And even though we were so hesitant to go cream with our furniture, Sears has an amazing protection plan where you pay a little more and for five years are covered on all stains. If they can't get it out, they replace it for you. Good deal.
Our sofa is the Rowe savoie sofa and the chaise is by Whole Home. We knew we wanted a chaise because the seating always felt a little spread out in the living room, and when we decided on this one I knew I wanted to make an oversized pillow for it. I printed and sewed my treehouse pillow in a 24" version this weekend and I absolutely love it. I may just have to introduce this size of pillow in my line next season. A pair of these would be lovely on a bed.
Aside from our new furniture so much of what completes our home is second hand. The end table, lamp, and frame (of a favorite Gosia print) are all from either the Re-use Centre in Burlington or Bibles for Missions on Upper Wellington in Hamilton- my go to thrift shops in the area for great pieces and good prices. I found a pair of these lamps at the Re-use Centre not long ago and picked them up because of their size, shape, and the fact that the shades were in such good condition. I thought I might spray paint them, but Jeff thinks they look classy just like this. I agree.

I also completed all the framing projects I had for this room. Above is a drawing I did in University. It's my favorite and very sentimental to me. A girl curled up in a nest with two other eggs.

Above our fireplace I had a mix of framed photos all in black frames. I have wanted to lighten this for a while and so I added some gold, white, and wooden frames instead. A mix of family photos, reverse appliques from thailand, prints and paintings by friends, and the sailing ships print and little gold mirror, both also found at the re-use centre.

We are hoping to paint this room a little darker someday soon. I have recently fallen in love with purple, and Jeff agrees that Behr's Smoked Mauve will look so nice with the creams and golds that are now in this room. Another weekend of rainy days and we may just have it painted, too.


suzielarose said...

It's funny how I came to the same conclusion not too long ago... light coloured seating, dark coffee table, some golden elements + smokey purple walls...

island sweet said...

what an elegant room! a room you could have clear thoughts in...

Christine said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour!

I made a link to your blog from mine--I was so inspired by the Charlie Harper bird screen prints that I bought the book.

Hope you will visit. xine