lavender gray

In a recent conversation it came up that I hand mix each colour that I print. The person with whom I was speaking didn't realize that I used primaries and black to create my colours and had assumed I bought them premixed. The truth is I spend a lot of time working out just the right formulas, adding one drop at a time and recording it as I go, testing it on cloth and waiting for it to dry, then adjusting the mix until it's just right. Up until now my grays were just a few drops of black, which I like, but I felt like a warmer gray with a hint of purple would be a nice addition to the spring palette. And so some red and blue were added to the mix.

As you can see the little bikes are being printed again, this time in this new gray colour I love so much on white organic cotton voile scarves. I know this will make a lot people happy after having an overwhelming number of requests for them this season.

Oh, and I am calling the new colour Lavender Gray.

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