in the studio of sara caracristi

My good friend Sara recently moved into a studio space at the Imperial Cotton Centre for the arts in Hamilton. It was built in 1900 and was Hamilton's first textile mill. This previous industrial use lends itself well to artist workspaces over a hundred years later when it's five buildings were divided into studios while maintaining it's original industrial architecture. Sara's space is in one of the smaller buildings and has a nice community feel with it's common kitchen area in the centre of the building. I hope to get a tour of the other buildings too some day soon.
Her sun filled painting studio is such a nice space for her to spend her days working with it's large south facing windows, white walls, exposed brick, and rough wood floors. She is often working on a few paintings at a time. Some are hung on the wall, others on easels, or some recently varnished pieces are laying flat on her drying wracks.Easels, worktable, inspiration wall, and a few storage cabinets are all she has in the space. Keeping it minimal, organized, and clutter free. It's a dream studio, really. Just this month her and her partner Marcel opened an etsy shop called 3by4- because each painting is 3" by 4"! All the same price, all the same size, and painted either by Sara or Marcel. These little works of art make fantastic gifts too.


Tanis said...

Wow, love this! Beautiful blog post Jenna, your photographs are amazing! Sara's studio looks like the perfect place to paint all day! I can't wait until my next trip to Hamilton so I can hang out in both of your studios!

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous! Thanks for posting this Jenna! I just love being able to see the studio and her work.
Tan, you're planning a trip? I want in!

Sara Caracristi said...

Thanks Jenna!

jenna rose said...

I am glad you all like it.

You better not be teasing about a visit! You are both always welcome.