kitchen renovation: DIY stainless steel shelves

I have never really tackled a project quite like this. There were lots of details to take into consideration to make these shelves. It was my first time using a hack saw, drilling through metal, and becoming best friends with our laser level. Do you remember the side of our old kitchen with the old stained glass window? We removed the upper shelf and microwave box, as well as the three narrow cabinets on the left. The task was to make shelves that fit the microwave and also covered the floor where the cabinets had been since the flooring didn't continue under them. I built a frame for the bottom shelf that boxed in where the flooring was missing. I then attached a piece of plywood for the shelf. We got the stainless steel from Metal Supermarket. We had it cut and bent to fit over top of the plywood base. The steel slid over the plywood and was attached with an adhesive. The top two shelves were made the same way, only with bracket supports. The wood base allows for easy attachment of the brackets and also gives the shelves their structure. The green walls were also painted over- the kitchen is now the warm gray you see behind the shelves- benjamin moore's winds breath. Just a few more projects to tackle and we will finally be done.


Jeff said...

Good job! It's hard to believe that this is the same spot. The colours are beautiful and the steel looks so sleek and fresh.

Tanis said...

I can't wait to see this kitchen in person when it's all said and done! Every new step makes such a impact. I love open shelving, especially when you're as good at staging them as you are. Beautiful.


chrisvalour said...

That looks awesome. Good job

Steven Lodrhowe said...

Those stainless steel shelves fit well with the kitchen interior, and it's cool that you did that whole project on your own with power tools and a laser level.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I want to make my own stainless steel floating shelves, and you are about the only person I could find who shared their DIY experience on something even closely related to this.

I plan to do something similar to you: build a wood frame and cover it with brushed stainless steel sheet metal. Where I struggle is how to form it over the wood frame without leaving visible seams.

You mention "we had it cut and bent to fit over top of the plywood base". Is there any way you could go into more detail on how exactly you did this? Also, what adhesive did you use? Thanks for your help!

stephenn richardsonn said...

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