kitchen renovation: counter tops

We had our new counter tops, sink, and faucet installed the other day. Making a final decision seemed to take forever. We thought we wanted granite because it seemed to be the most practical for a kitchen, however after looking through numerous show rooms and not finding any that were right, we realized we didn't really want the glossy finish of granite and preferred the softer and matte look of soapstone and other not so practical stones. We eventually found the perfect one- it's granite with a leathered finish. It's doesn't have the high gloss finish typically found on granite. It's soft and leathery and more matte looking. The black stone looks charcoal, which is exactly what we wanted. It's slightly more porous than regular granite, which just means it needs sealed more often. But other than that it's basically the same. I'm just showing a peek because the kitchen is a mess right now!

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Andrea Gray said...

it looks great, Jenna! I love it. We have glossy granite and i'm so over it.