As much as I love April weather I am always a little bit relieved when the month comes to an end. It means that taxes are done, spring wholesale orders are filled, and what ever is blooming around my house that I am seriously allergic to will soon be done. This sense of relief has me tackling all sorts of things as I get excited about the busy summer ahead. Jeff and I are not quite done one home reno and have already moved onto the next one. With just about every weekend booked up for the next few months we have been taking advantage of the warm evenings and late sunsets and moved forward with our backyard landscaping this week.
Last year was our first spring in the house and as much as the yard currently looks like a mud pit we've actually done a lot of work on it already. There had been a pond at one point which the previous owners filled. We had to remove all the wood beams which used to surround the pond. This was a huge job. We also added a fence along one side. We are planning on laying a flagstone patio- the existing one was small and poorly laid, so we will pretty much be doing what we did last summer in our front yard, but on a much larger scale. This kind of work is so rewarding and we're hoping to get it done quickly so we can enjoy it this summer. Will show you pictures when it is finished.

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