It was a rainy, cold, and windy weekend and I spent a fair bit of it at the studio working. There was also some movie watching, a whole lot of button making, some soup making, and a trip to the reuse centre. I didn't have any super exciting finds, but I did get this adorable red trivet along with some frames for the photo wall I'm doing in the studio, a teal tackle box for art supplies, and a folding wooden chess board. We really got into playing chess while in Greece, although we haven't played much since. I guess it's one of those things you find time for when there's no work, no house... This reminds me that I never did share photos of Greece. Although it was almost six months ago, maybe this week I'll tell you about some of the interesting places we visited.

As for the soup- It's potato broccoli leek. It is the easiest soup to make if you have a slow cooker. You just add a whole bunch of potatoes to some water, along with chopped broccoli and a few leeks. It cooks all day, then you puree it and add a bit of milk, salt and pepper. Yum.


Sue said...

Look at all those buttons! They are so cute! Are they fabric? Are they sew on? I love the bird.

jenna rose said...

Thanks Sue, they are fabric covered pin-back buttons, made with my screen printed fabrics. They are available to purchase at shows, and I usually include one with online orders as well.