comfort food

It's cold and snowy (finally it's white in Hamilton!) and my number one comfort food this time of year is chili- quick, easy, tasty, and can be made from just about what ever vegetables you have in the fridge. On a whim I added a whole bunch of chipotle chilies (about a third of the can you find in the Mexican section of grocery stores)- seriously, if you like chipotle you should try this- it's amazing!

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Anonymous said...

Great photo! Looks good!


Anonymous said...

Wheres the recipe!

jenna rose said...

There's no recipe! I make it up as I go, like most of my cooking. Here's the basic ingredients, most quantities are to taste-
beans (i use three kinds, whatever I have on hand), a large can of diced tomatoes, broth, a whole lot of vegetables (again, whatever I have on hand, I find anything goes really), and seasoning. My usual chili seasonings are cumin, chili powder, nutmeg, and pinch of cinnamon. oh, and we like it spicy so there's usually some chili paste in there too.