a dog like mine

My eight month old nephew, Hayden, lives a good five hours away so I don't get to see him that much, which also means that he doesn't get to see my dog Beau. Beau's size and energy can be a little overwhelming at times, especially to a little baby, so this year for Christmas I decided to make Hayden a little stuffed animal version of Beau so that when he comes to visit maybe Beau won't seem so scary. I had never made a stuffed animal before, let alone designed one. The only fabric I had close enough to Beau's colour was this light brown herringbone wool. He has screen printed polka dot inner ears and carries a matching drawstring bag with a note inside introducing himself. And of course it wouldn't be Beau if it didn't have a curly tail.


Tanis said...

Oh my gosh! Those photo's of the two dogs are too cute! You should frame them as a series! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Adorable photos and what a great job for your first stuffed animal!!!


Samantha said...

That tail photo is hilarious! Great job!!

Sonnet and Mayhem said...

That's incredible! I hope you make more stuffed animals in the future.

And I agree with the post above - You could definitely frame those photos into a series!