furniture make overs

A couple weeks ago I was driving past a thrift shop that had a furniture sale sign out front. I had been told that this shop was a great place to find good vintage pieces, so I stopped in to have a look. I ended up having to go back with the truck twice the next day because I found three pieces for our house. Living in a Victorian home provides us with little storage having only a couple small closets and a damp basement, so these storage pieces will be useful. Each piece needed a little tlc.This dresser fits perfectly in this corner of our bedroom after a few coats of white paint. This cabinet was also painted white and is great in our front hall because the bottom cupboard can hide shoes while the top shelves can hold keys in a bowl and scarves in a basket.
I love the look of the magazine spines all lined up behind the glass.
I usually don't have a problem with painting wood and although I think this cabinet could look quite nice painted, the wood was in pretty good shape for it's age. All it needed was new glass in one of the doors and it now lives in our spare room and houses spare towels and quilts. I really like how blankets and books look in china cabinets.
Beau really wanted for me to be photographing him and not the furniture as he followed me from room to room walking in front of the camera. Notice the blurry wagging tail.


Meghan said...

What a difference the white paint made! They look so fresh now.
And my dog likes having her picture taken too!

Tanis said...

As usual your stuff looks amazing. And so nicely propped and styled too! You have such a good eye.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what great makeovers. I would have never thought that the dresser could looks so good. It's a totally different piece now.

TheSeaWithin said...

Beautiful! I love them in white!

Sam said...

I love these! Very inspiring and motivating to get on top of some of my projects around the house.

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always - wow.
Can't wait to see this!

Hollie said...

amazing finds!!! i'm jealous!