There are so many great trails and secluded areas to walk in this part of Ontario. Last fall we stumbled across the Dundas Valley and all the great trails there. We love it so much that's where we decided to get married- a place they call 'Maplewood' in the middle of the forest where you can hold such an event. It's great because we can visit this spot whenever we want year round. There's cold water streams for the dog to swim in - which has been great in this incredible heat!and during the winter we would go cross-country skiing on the trails. One time last winter as we pulled up in the car we saw about a dozen deer posed up on the hill, frozen in a line. It was amazing. The inspiration for one of my new prints this season called Maplewood. I've printed it on pillows, storage bags, the big bins, organic blankets, and the new canvas hobo bag.


Tanis said...

ooh! I love it on the blankets! What a treat to just happen upon a dozen dear, it was obviously quite inspiring. Maplewood sounds like a great place.

Megan said...

I love this print! and the deer! What a great thing to see in person.

Moni-Q said...

This is great - Jenna, I thought this was recently - and for a moment, I thought you guys had snow.
I'm nuts.

Love this!