getting organized

We spent most of our weekend organizing the house and painting the master bedroom/ensuite- I will post photos when it is finished. On Friday I went to Mixed Media to get a day planner because after 7 months into the year I felt it was time I got one- my chalk boards in each room weren't really doing the job anymore. Also, I remembered that they had a huge selection of really great agendas there. After a good while of looking through each planner I decided on this one for it's fun yet clean layout and look- Plus, you write in the dates yourself so it worked out perfectly for my delayed August start. It also has a bunch of red and blue lined and graph pages at the back which really makes it. It's made by Millimeter Milligram- I really like all of their organizing stationary. I think their daily color books and all their labels are especially great.

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roisin said...

good choice!
i wish i had picked one up when we were there ages ago.