new journal

After many requests, and months and months of talking about it, I am finally starting this online journal. I will write about what I'm up to over here at jenna rose, such as shows, new products, inspiration, and anything else I think you might find interesting. The photos above are some shots taken around the new studio, including Beau, my co-worker.

Last summer I moved to the wonderful city of Hamilton. With a new house and studio to work on, I constantly have tons of projects on the go: furniture being built or refinished, walls being painted, objects being made, and many other DIY projects. This journal is my place to share these projects and anything else design or craft related in my life. It's also a way to keep in touch with you all, so feel free to leave comments- they are welcome and appreciated!


Meghan said...

yay! looking forward to this.

Wendy said...

Hi jenna
Just here at school learning about the web so I put your site in my
favorites and your mom told me about your blog. So here I am. I like it and your new stuff is nice.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to read all your future entries...
Love the photographs - a nice touch with the text