I try to create as little waste as possible around the studio. Any left over printed bits get made into buttons or pouches or swatches and I rarely throw any little bit of printed fabric out. There are however always thin strips of trimmings that I don't have much use for that do end up getting thrown away.

A few weeks ago I ordered this pattern off etsy for a crocheted rug that looks like a big doily. The title is Doilifus Maximus aka Doily Rug. Seriously. When I received the pattern download it called for Jersey yarn or t-shirt yarn, something I had never heard of. After not finding it in any local stores and realizing I should just make my own out of cut jersey strips, it hit me as I was trimming my jersey cowls that the trimmings might eventually equal the 2.5 kg I need to crochet the rug. I made a sample and I think it's going to work. I didn't really want a cream rug, so I will probably end up dying the strips first. I'm looking forward to some post show down time when I will have some time and energy to work on this.

While Kate was trimming down blankets the other day she thought the left over bits might look nice braided so she whipped up this sample. I think a braided rug might be up next.


LR said...

i am all for giving left overs a second chance. new to your blog and loving your work. best wishes.

ihanitse/Johanna said...

Hi Jenna,

I think it's going to work perfectly! The size of your first round looks exactly the same as what I get with the jersey yarn I use --- a good start :)
Just don't get carried away crocheting too much in one go, it gets hard on the arm... I made a 5ft rug earlier this week and could hardly lift my arm in the end, hahaa ;)
Keep us posted on your progress!