A few photos from my week.

The japanese maple in our backyard is the perfect shade of red this time of year. I watched it all week all week long from my workroom window as it lost it's leaves, and now there's just a pile on the ground.

I finished a whole bunch of wholesale orders this week. Some new stores I am very excited about. My tea towels were shipped to Philadelphia, where Terrain, a nursery, cafe, and shop, and sister store of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, will be carrying my seasons sets exclusively (with the exception of my shop).

I designed and made these sweet matchbook style hang tags that I will be attaching to all of my natural dye items. When opened it becomes a little flip book for images I took while dyeing the material.


Tanis said...

Beautiful photos. Those hang tags are amazing.

Julia said...

oh my gosh those tags are wonderful! what a treat for your customers to see exactly where and how their item was made. lovely.

Karen said...

The tags are gorgeous! Congrats on the Terrain order-- I hope they treat you well.

Tara /cinnamon & post said...

You are brilliant Jenna. Such exciting news about Terrain! Congratulations.