One of my favorite moments of my entire process is printing a design in a new colour for the first time. Yesterday was full of these moments.

I printed berries in charcoal and blue on organic cotton flannel to make throw blankets. This print works so well on the bottom edge of the blanket.

I also printed on a new material that I am working with, a hemp/cotton jersey. My patchwork pattern, now called honeycomb, printed in yellow and smoked mauve, and in a rich red I printed my 'cascade' print. I am so excited about what I'll be sewing these into. I'll show you more soon.


Tanis said...

So excited about that hemp/cotton jersey! Everything looks great!

citify said...

Beautiful stuff as always Jenna! And oh, I meant to tell you - I managed to get my hands on the last Hamilton Tote at the AGH shop! It's even better in person than I thought it would be - now I have a list of several people who want one once you make the next batch :)

jenna rose said...

Thanks guys!

Kyle, I am happy to hear you got a tote! A hole bunch will be available at White Elephant soon. I'll let you know when they are!