We really lucked out with the weather this weekend. The forecast was back and forth all week and in the end we had dry and sunny days. I was able to spread my display out of my tent and under the tree next to it, which made me pretty happy. Thanks to everyone who came by and was so supportive. It was such a great show and is always nice to see family while I am there too.

I have a super busy week preparing for art crawl this Friday night. Lots of things to sew and get ready.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna,
My sister and I are going to the Art Crawl this Friday night (we are coming from Waterloo :)) Will your items be in your studio or at White Elephant? Thanks so much!
Jen :)

jenna rose said...

Hi Jen,I won't be in my studio that night-I will be at White Elephant, along with lots of my items. Hope to see you there!