As I work on preparing for Muskoka as well as new work I have also been busy organizing the studio when I have a minute. I rearranged a few things in anticipation for a new piece of equipment I hope to acquire soon, which opened up lots of space and turned into a complete organizing overhaul on the whole place. I find that rearraring things every now and then can make a space feel fresh and good. I added storage shelves in my dark room and picked up this new drawer unit. I have been holding out for a nice but affordable used flat file forever, but with no luck I ended up getting ikea's version, the Alex drawer, to store my patterns, papers, and completed straps and things ready to be assembled. I'm planning on making room for a bit more storage by clearing out some of my fabrics. I hope to list them on etsy soon.

Also this week I updated the Beehive website, which is one of my responsibilities in the collective. It now lists all of the vendors that will be participating in our show in August. We are pretty excited about this line up!


Anonymous said...

I use the same drawers in my office/sewing room and I love them! Especially because they have casters.

I can't wait to see your fabrics for sale online.


Tanis said...

Looking great girl! Nothing like a little organization, my office can use a real overhaul. Thanks for the inspiration!