I'm off to take a little break. I'll refresh and recharge for the busy season ahead. And I hope to do a whole lot of mountain biking too. Fingers crossed for some dry weather. Hopefully I'll find a North Carolina sticker to go next to the Nova Scotian one on my blue luggage.


theroses said...

You are going to North Carolina?! Another similarity. We are just finalizing the dates as we are heading there for the first time this summer! We are going to Ocean Isle. You? Would love to hear about your recommendations when you get back! Bon Voyage!

Andrea said...

where is NC are you going?! you know that is about a 6 hour drive from here right? what are your plans? call me!

Anonymous said...

Jenna, they look like baby shoes!
have fun on your mini vacation!
xo M

jenna rose said...

They're size 7.5! They're bike shoes, called five tens- flat and grippy for riding.