A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the show a success. I am so thankful for all who bought my handmade goods for gifts this year, both at the show and from my little etsy shop. After weeks and weeks of working hard producing work for both my stores and the show I am hoping to take it a little easy for a while, if I can. This years show was filled with such great work- best ever I think. A couple of my favorites: Eikam out of Vancouver has such beautiful and fun ceramics. Her bunting detail is so sweet and her colour palette is so appealing to me. And perhaps my favorite booths at the show was that of the Felt Factory. Sabine lives on a farm in Quebec and felts each of these little creatures by hand. Each has a different personality and name. These little guys are only about 6 inches big and are so ridiculously great.


theroses said...

I coveted the wares at both of these exact booths at the ooak! I loved the tiny potted plates and cups from Eikam. My friend bought a moosehead for her father from the Felt Factory. Ultra Canadian.
I am loving my little grey pinecone bin that I got from you. Great to see you at the show.
I'm forever inspired there.
Jenny Rose

grace said...

Hi Jenna!
Thanks for the amazing trade!! I will see you in the spring? I am looking forward to your work again.... happy holidays!

jenna rose said...

I am glad you like your little buckety Jenny! It's always nice to see you at Toronto shows.

Grace, Thank you for the amazing trade too! I just love my bunting vase- it's sitting by my kitchen window with a little plant in it. And I happily drink my coffee from the beautiful mug everyday. I will be at the show in the spring! Looking forward to seeing more of your work as well.