I once read in a cookbook about the best way to wash salad greens. I think it may have been one of Jaimie Oliver's books? Anyway, it said to fill a clean sink with cool water and gently place the leaves in it. Don't be rough, they can easily bruise. Turn them gently with your hands, drain in a colander. Wrap in a clean towel, store in the fridge.

Ever since reading this I use tea towels when storing most of my fruits and vegetables. I have a drawer full of them for this purpose, my red pine cone tea towel is my favorite out of the bunch. There's something nice about storing your food in cloth, like wrapping them up in a blanket.


Erin said...

I watched my aunt wrap her lettuce in paper towels once and she swore that it kept them fresh longer. I immediately followed suit, but with cloth tea towels, and noticed a definite difference. If you place your wrapped greens in a sealable bag or container, I think they keep even longer.

jenna rose said...

I think that's true. We usually get so many greens in our farm share that I put some in the drawer and others in a large tub with a lid and they definitely keep for longer in the tub.

anna said...

These are beautiful! Such lovely colors against the veggies and fruit :)