Last saturday I joined a group of crafty hamilton girls for a natural dye day. We used cochineal (pink) and walnuts (brown). I dyed linen cotton and some organic cotton voile. I did some shibori on the sheer voile (2nd image) which turned out subtle, but still nice. I took a natural dye course at NSCAD, but it's been long time since I have done dyeing of any kind and it's definitely something I would like to do more of again. I have some extracts from Miawa and I am thinking that a day of dyeing over the outdoor fire pit at the cottage will be on do to list for next summer. A linen patchwork quilt made with all the natural colours would be beautiful. I only snapped the one process shot -fabrics and yarns in the cochineal pot- but Hollie documented the whole day with beautiful photos that you can see here.

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