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Some of my fall pieces, including my shoulder bags, big bins, and hats, are now available at Pistachio, an eco friendly shop on Yonge Street in Toronto. Thanks to Natalie for mentioning it on the Style at Home blog this week. I recently had a chance to pop into the store for the first time and thought it had such a nice feel to it- nice and open and bright but still packed with goods, and really nice goods too. I ended up getting an insulated lunch bag with a scooter screen printed on it. I also picked up some comfy high waisted leggings from American Apparel across the street. Do your leggings ever ride down? If so, these are the answer to your problems.


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Yes! This happens to me all the time! I'm going to go check them out. And I love that store Pistachio - congrats on getting your merchandise there!

Erin @ Dear Edna said...

Nice! I LOVE that store!